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The aim of WP3 is to support citizen’s participation in the public management of public places that should have a good environmental quality. Empowerment Initiative will be focused on two main issues: a) urban planning related to outdoor public places, this is, through a participatory planning process, to enhance the value of the ecosystem service these urban spaces offer; and b) improvement of the physical indoor environment in schools to contribute to better health and learning performance. This will be done by designing and implementing a CITI-Sense application that:
(1) will allow citizens/local communities to collect and share quantitative and qualitative information related to existing public spaces, school indoor environment and related well-being, and on the basis of these data, enter in a dialogue with city/school administration regarding improvement/preservation/expansion of these public places;
(2) will enable school administration and other users including students/pupils/parents to influence positively their physical learning environment;
(3) will allow the city authorities to collect novel information about the ecosystem services provided by public places, and in this way;
(4) will support a dialogue between citizens/local communities and the authorities designed to adapt the planning process to improve/preserve the environmental conditions in sensitive public places.

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