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The main objectives of WP7 are to:
• Provide an architecture and design and implement a platform (including reusable components) for city observatories systems, in particular for CITI-SENSE applications;
• Develop techniques/tools for wrapping heterogeneous real-time data sources and services and for data/service registration to the CITI-SENSE platform;
• Develop a core ontology network for city observatories applications, by aligning and extending various anthologies that emerged in the area of sensor networks, geographical information systems and city applications;
• Provide generic components for discovery, annotation, composition, mediation, and execution of environmental services in city observatories apps;
• Provide visualization widgets (design, development, integration) for unified visualization of sensors and real-time data on maps, charts and plots in Web portals and mobile devices;
• Design and implement a set of platform APIs for programmatic use by CITI-SENSE applications;
• Provide a comprehensive CITI-SENSE Toolkit to be used by the other WPs, by packaging the services and tools developed as part of the aforementioned objectives.

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