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The overall objective of WP9 is to ensure appropriate dissemination and exploitation of project results with relevance to environmental policies, and to provide communication, both internal and external. In this context, WP9 is responsible for disseminating project outcomes to a broad range of relevant stakeholders.
More detailed objectives are:
• Provide and keep up a sound and realistic dissemination and exploitation strategy;
• Ensure effective external communication/dissemination with relevant stakeholders (i.e., policy makers, users, scientists) in order to maximise uptake of results;
• To develop a project website, project brand, and dissemination materials including fact sheets;
• Coordinate training activities for stakeholders;
• Coordinate and organize conferences or events, taking into account coordination with sister projects awarded from the same call;
• Prepare for the commercial exploitation of the system (patent filing, market research, business models, etc.);
• Actively promote the results of the project to the European Commission and foster relationships with other framework projects/ To promote scientific interchanges;
• Analysis of the critical success factors for the widespread use of the results of the project and for commercial exploitation by industrial partners/SMEs;
• Responsibility for CITI-SENSE newsletter.

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